Michelle Paterson Is Our New Girl Crush


We haven’t heard much from Michelle Paterson since the whole Days Inn business, but reading today’s Times story made us realize she is about much more than cheap motel sex and gross fur coats. She’s actually kind of fun! She’s honest about the suckiness of being suddenly thrust into the spotlight. (“People think being the governor’s wife and living in the governor’s mansion is this great thing. But when this happened the way it happened, to me it wasn’t a great thing.”) She is a Breakfast for All Meals person (“I love breakfast … I could eat breakfast all day.”) And she still gets a kick out of being a “First Lady.” ("The other day I was having dinner with a friend,” she said, “and I was like, ‘Do you believe I’m the first lady?’”) We wonder if she’d forget she’s First Lady long enough to have us over for pancakes.

From a Harlem 2BR to a 40-rm Mansion [NYT]