New York Archives Now on Google Books


Your Intel editors Jessica and Chris may be wise and all-knowing, but both of us have only been at New York for a little over a year, and neither has lived in the city much more than five years. In fact, Chris didn’t even know there was a New York Magazine until he moved here (your thank-you note is in the mail, College Career Services). So it should be forgivable that all day today we’ve been totally riveted by the archives that are now on Google Books. The magazine is participating in the first wave of the project, and now you can search through the first 30 years of issues. It’s actually (and we can say this because we had nothing to do with it) really cool. If you want a place to start, try these great pieces:

The Birth of the New Journalism [February 14, 1972]
Appraising the Most Expensive Apartment Houses in the City [May 20, 1968]
Seven Steps to Gain Control of General Motors [March 24, 1969]
Von Bulow: Instant Replay [April 29, 1985]

New York Magazine [Google Books]