A Very Noel Christmas


Yesterday we marveled at the genteel Christmas card Corina Noel Piedrahita, the eldest daughter and business partner of Fairfield Greenwich Group's Walter Noel, now known as the biggest loser in the Madoff scheme, sent to family and friends this holiday season. Corina's brood is, however, just one branch of the family money tree Walter and his wife Monica created, and so we're happy to inform you that today we can show you the Christmas cards the Noel family sent out over the past three years.

Like all Christmas letters that attempt to encapsulate the year, these cards, which we received from an anonymous source, tell you at once everything that happened to the family over this period of time, and yet not enough: We learn that in 2007, both Walter and Corina "stepped back" from the family business, but we don’t know why. We hear Alix and Philip Toub moved back from Brazil — and it sounds like the family was disappointed by that decision. But we can't be sure.

What are sure of is that this is some of the most compelling lifestyle porn we have ever come across. Each holiday poem — oh, did we mention the cards were written in verse? — is like bingeing on an entire issue of Vanity Fair, and the lyrical style has a lulling effect — you can feel the Dominican sun on your shoulders, smell the salty Mustique breeze and the eau de money in the air. Check out the slideshow, and experience the magic of a Noel family Christmas.