Obama Did Not Have Relations With That Zune


Recently Barack Obama was spotted on a treadmill reading a USA Today and listening to a Zune, and we were forced to address the very real possibility that our president-elect might not have highbrow tastes. The free hotel paper and an MP3 player that’s not an iPod? What’s next, gas-station coffee? It’s disconcerting. And so, in the dark night of our soul, we were forced to ask ourselves just who this Barack Obama character is. How much, really, do we know about him? He’s untested, an unknown quantity — a Zune person. My God, what have we done?

But just before we fell to our knees and wept for the future, we caught the following on MSNBC: “An Obama spokeswoman said Obama typically uses an iPod and did not know where his Zune came from.” Exhale. Sure, it doesn’t look great that he’s just taking home strange MP3 players — but who among us, in a moment of weakness or on a particularly bleak night, hasn’t taken home something strange?

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