One Woman’s Christmas Nightmare Is Her Teenage Son’s Christmas Dream


Linda Santisteban, a 50-year-old mother of three in Rosedale, Queens, already has her Christmas tree set up this year. Decorated with tinsel and bows and bright, shiny balls, it is perched in her living-room window, the picture of yuletide cheer. This holiday vignette is only marred by one thing: the massive billboard featuring a blonde stripper in bondage gear looming outside on Rockaway Boulevard. “It’s just not appropriate,” Santisteban told Newsday. “It’s demeaning.” Of course her 17-year-old son, who according to Fox News has “a clear line of sight to the sign right from his bedroom window,” thinks it’s indescribably beautiful.

According to his mother, young Mr. Sebastian has nicknamed the sign “Betty.” Aw, don’t worry, Linda. This is just part of a grand Christmas tradition.

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