Paparazzi Now Planting Girlfriends on Michael Phelps


On Live today, Olympic god Michael Phelps just told Anderson Cooper and Kelly Ripa that the woman pictured with him today in “Page Six” — who Splash News claims was his girlfriend Caroline Pal — is a total stranger. (A busomy, exotic stranger, but a stranger nonetheless.) Apparently, when he got out of the car at LAX to catch a flight, the girl just started following him around, and even waited with him by the check-in counter. “That’s really clever, guys, having a girl just follow me around,” he told the photographers. “I’ve never seen her before in my life!” he assured Kelly and Anderson. Wait, does this mean that if we follow Michael Phelps around everyone will assume we’re his boyfriend? Or, wait, what if we follow Manderson around? This changes everything!!