Chef Goes on Shopping Spree With Boyfriend’s Credit Card


We’re not sure what’s more amazing about today’s Post story on
Carl Butcho, the 26-year-old chef and caterer who racked up $361,000 in credit-card
charges on his boyfriend’s credit card last year, in just two months: That the boyfriend had such a high limit that he didn’t notice said charges immediately, or the sheer amount of money Butcho spent on dog-walking and dog-walking supplies. In addition to the credit card charges, the Post tells us: “Butcho also scammed $8,000 from a dog-walker by having her charge expenses on her credit card, and then not reimbursing her.” (What? How is that possible? Was she buying gold-flecked rawhide?)

And then there’s the fact that, as it turns out, Butcho’s wild story did not end there.

He told us he had a giant fortune,” said the co-owner of the Greenwich Village eatery where Butcho recently worked before suddenly disappearing, saying he had intestinal cancer. “He told us he lived in an $8 million apartment and was buying a $10 million apartment,” said the restaurateur, who spoke on condition of anonymity.

And there’s more! Butcho has an Internet Trail that tells us a little
more about this “fortune.”

And there’s more! Butcho has an Internet Trail that tells us a little
more about this “fortune.”

Unfortunately for anonymous restauranteur, a CitySearch review from this past summer outs Carl Butcho, “the son of the mega developer and coal tycoon,” as the “new Executive Chef” at Paris Commune. The review goes on to praise his talent and pedigree in such an over-the-top manner we can only imagine Butcho penned it himself.

their new Executive Chef is Carl Butcho. The son of the mega developer and coal tycoon who’s offspring shares the same name. This guy also owns a restaurant and hotel consultancy and did a lot of work for one of my business partners. He is very specific and tough and has a strong reputation for turning businesses around, at a ridiculously high rate. We speculated that he was lending his name for the businesses sake…With the power of Mr. Butchos pallet commissioned Paris Commune is most likely assured wild success. It’s the best decision they have made in a while.

Carl Butcho” “coal” yields no Google results, by the way, which is a little funny, considering the guy’s father is supposed to be a “tycoon.” But reading that does makes us empathize with Paris Commune a little. We wouldn’t want to admit we’d employed that dude, either.

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