Paterson Possibly Not As Machiavellian As We Assumed


According to a report from ABC News this morning, we may be inching closer to seeing Caroline Kennedy appointed to Hillary Clinton’s soon-to-be vacant Senate seat. A “Democrat who would know” says that Governor Paterson has discussed the possibility with Kennedy, and that Kennedy “is considering it.” Meanwhile, Barack Obama — who, before he was the next FDR or the next Lincoln, was the next JFK — “has made it clear that he thinks Caroline Kennedy would be a great choice.” It’s obviously not a done deal, but we’re just happy to see that Paterson might choose someone without placing his own 2010 reelection prospects at the forefront of his decision. You know, how he’s supposed to help himself out by picking a Latino, or an upstater, or a suburbanite, or a potential gubernatorial rival? Kennedy is none of those. It’s crazy, but maybe he’ll pick her because he thinks she’ll be a good senator.

Update: Robert F. Kennedy is also pulling for Caroline, reports Jacob Gershman in next week’s New York. “I’m urging my cousin Caroline to take it, because I think she would be fantastic,” Kennedy says. “I sent her a note; I haven’t heard back from her. She’ll be a huge force in the Senate.”

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