Daily Intel’s People of the Year

Kevin Sheekey, secretly pushy. Photo: Everett Bogue; Photo: Getty Images

What a year it has been! A whole lot of action went down in the Year of Our Obama, 2008. For us at Intel, coming to work every day was like going to the circus (Okay, a slightly less fun and physically active circus) We had the presidential election and the Spitzer scandal and the financial crisis performing out on the main stage, and meanwhile dozens of other players rudely — and sometimes hilariously — gesturing to us to come check out their sideshows. We almost always did, although sometimes we felt dirty afterward. Anyway, now that it’s over, we have a hell of a hangover. We feel a little bit dizzy and nauseous — but we can’t deny that we had a great time, and we’d like to offer a heartfelt thanks to the people who made 2008 the 2008-est. It’s not always the best, most goodhearted people that made this year fun to write about: it was often the craziest, most rogue, and sometimes, most evil. Herewith, our slideshow of the People of the Year. How is this one different and more exciting than all of the other year-end wrap-ups you’ve been reading this month? Ours is Obama-free. Because really, like that guy needs any more encouragement.