Plaxico’s Web of Disaster Expands


Like un-mopped blood on a dance floor, the repercussions from Plaxico Burress’s self-inflicted accidental gunshot wound last weekend are slowly spreading. Today we learn that the NFL players union will file suit against the Giants for suspending the wide receiver without pay. It could take months to prepare, but a suit would argue that the punishment (taking Burress off the field without pay for four games) is not “consistent with the collective bargaining agreement.” Meanwhile, teammate Antonio Pierce has stopped resisting being dragged into this whole mess. He’ll testify before a grand jury about the night of the shooting, and how he maybe hid Burress’s .40-caliber Glock during the aftermath. It’s expected he might get off on any charges of obstruction, but the Giants management isn’t so lucky. Police are looking into the eight-hour delay between when team officials learned of the incident and when they told police — and also into the actions of the small team of doctors who were apparently called in to secretly deal with the situation.

So the moral of the story is: Even when you are so stupid you only shoot yourself in the leg, other people still get hurt. Oh, and that everybody in New York will do anything for a professional football player.

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