Raffaello Follieri Is at It Again


The men, women, and priests who fell victim to Raffaello Follieri’s cons won a victory against him yesterday, earning a $3.6 million total payout from the jailed Italian. The total is about one-third of what Follieri actually owes, but the victims reached this number in hopes that he would eventually be able to pay at least that. And Follieri, through lawyers, agreed to pay that sum. The only problem is, Follieri doesn’t have any money. The Feds seized everything he had in June, except for a few thousand dollars in art, jewelry, and cash. And he’ll be in jail for four and a half years — not exactly the place from which to rebuild one’s empire. Yet these people still somehow believe his word that he’ll pony up the dough. “I don’t have a crystal ball, but I think he’s going to try and make good on it,” Follieri’s lawyer said. Yeah, lady. That’s the kind of thinking that got all these people in trouble in the first place.