Randi Weingarten in Running for Hillary’s Spot


We know the media is all about Caroline Kennedy these days, but these days Paterson is plowing ahead with deliberations over real options — and a new name has been added to the list: United Federation of Teachers bigwig Randi Weingarten. The Daily News reports that Weingarten contacted the governor about the spot, and Paterson said, “we will consider her.” The News observes that Weingarten has the advantage of being closely allied to Basil Paterson, David’s father, and a reputation for being a bulldog in any kind of fight. But we see another advantage in all of this: Weingarten is the ultimate power broker with teachers in-state (and nationally, with her recent appointment to head the American Federation of Teachers). Teachers are already among Paterson’s biggest foes in his budget fight — giving them a powerful national advocate in the Senate might give him some bargaining chips. Also, Weingarten would be the first openly (on purpose) gay senator in U.S. history, which, while not a reason to appoint somebody, would still be pretty awesome.

Randi Weingarten enters Senate ring [NYDN]
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