Real World: Brooklyn House: Headache-y


Bloggers from Gothamist were let into the absurd Real World: Brooklyn apartment/studio and they took some pictures and chatted a bit with the cast. Above you’ll see the entryway to the big apartment, which is on Pier 41 in Red Hook. As you can see, it’s a little bit like the house from the Seattle season except on crack. Which is sort of abandoned–Red Hook–loft appropriate. The interiors include brightly colored murals and, obviously, a hot tub and aquarium. The cast, as you may know, includes an Iraq vet, a cute tranny, a gay dolphin trainer, and a metrosexual Mormon. The most interesting thing that Gothamist learned, however, was not about what will happen this season, but what the cast will do after. A handful of them are going to live together on the Lower East Side, and there’s something secret (A spinoff? A romance? A Shot at Love?) that’s going to carry on in Stuyvesant Town. StuyTown! After half a century, it’s finally going to have its moment!

Meet the Real World Brooklynites [Gothamist]