Serena’s Attraction to Aaron Rose Can Be Explained Through Science


We really don't give the Canadians enough credit. Think about all the gifts that snowy weird wasteland has given us: Graydon Carter! Bonnie Fuller! Pamela Anderson! Honestly, we wouldn't even have a culture without these settlers. And now, Dr. Kirsten Oinonen, of Lakehead University, which is up there somewhere, has done a scientific study that is so groundbreaking it has changed the way we think about life. She explained it to England's Daily Telegraph:

"My study suggests that sober women who drink alcohol are less able to perceive facial symmetry when sober. … When sober, these women are worse at judging facial symmetry, and therefore may find less attractive men more attractive. Given that symmetry is associated with attractiveness of faces, my study does suggest the possibility that alcohol intoxication may decrease facial symmetry perception, and make people look more attractive …This is the first study to look at this issue. It suggests that as typical alcohol consumption increases in young women, facial symmetry perception performance decreases."

So, what she's saying is, for women who drink, beer goggles don't just last one night, but forever. This explains everything! Reformed party girl Serena van der Woodsen's attraction to pube-faced Aaron Rose on Gossip Girl; Julia Roberts and Lyle Lovett; Kirsten Dunst and Justin Long; everyone and Cisco Adler; our friend's inexplicable attraction to this guy; our entire twenties. The mind boggles. Or, er, goggles?

Beer goggles last longer for women [Daily Telegraph]