Stephon Marbury on Stephon Marbury: Saintly Man in Fantastic Shape


Last month, it was reported that the Knicks might just be waiting until 2009 to buy out Stephon Marbury, so Cablevision at least wouldn’t have to report the loss this year. Well, 2009 is tomorrow, and though there haven’t been buyout talks in a while, it’s at least possible that Marbury’s days are again numbered. And if this really is finally it for Steph, who better to reflect on it all than the man himself, in a blog entry he penned for the Post today.

For the most part, Marbury forgoes the crazy and writes a very earnest piece, coming off as a guy who loves to play basketball and is truly upset that the Knicks won’t let him, for them or anyone else. If Marbury’s goal was to come out of this situation looking like the good guy, he succeeded here. He writes about how he’s “growing,” how he never meant to be a distraction, and how he’s even hiring people at his Starbury sneaker company, even when other companies are laying people off. Basically, the man’s a saint.

Of course, he’s got another reason to appear un-crazy for a change: Once he’s free from the Knicks, he’s going to want a job. Which is probably why he also goes to great lengths to let everyone know that despite not playing, he’s in fantastic shape — thanks to an off-season of “running in the mountains” in which he “embraced the pain.”

And through it all, he’s remaining philosophical. Here’s our favorite paragraph of the post (and, maybe, our favorite paragraph ever). Emphasis ours:

I once heard it said that experience is not what happens to a man, experience is what a man does with what happens to him. That’s real science, so I’ll drop that one again. Experience is not what happens to a man, experience is what a man does with what happens to him.

He’s in great shape, he’s itching to play again, and he’s dropping real science. How could a team not want this guy?

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