Tell Us How You Date on the Cheap


Let’s not sugarcoat it: Dating in New York City is an expensive habit. Not the relationship part, per se, but the actual date: If you’re trying to do it up right, you’ve got the pre-dinner drink (about $20 total), the decent dinner ($100 with wine), and the cab ride home (because really, how romantic is it to see your date’s possibly craggy face illuminated by the glow of the F train — tack on at least $15 if you’re making two stops). But in these times — oh, these proverbial times! — we need to get creative. How can we woo and swoon without going totally broke?

That’s where you come in: For our annual Reasons to Love issue, we’re looking to feature four real-life couples who’ve had fun-filled, romantic, and creative dates — all while spending little to no cash. (Our apologies to long-term couples, but you’re just not out to impress each other the same way budding lovebirds do on the first, second, or third meeting.) We’ll be featuring the couples in the magazine, so that means we need real names and details (and you shouldn’t be camera-shy). Remember: the more creative and New York–y the date, the better. Please send submissions to by no later than Wednesday (12/3) at 5 p.m.

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