Tell Us Why You Love New York


By now you all know why we here at Daily Intel love New York. We love it because of J-Vanka, Anderson Cooper’s arms, Palazzo Chupi, Hathaello, Governor Awesome, and an endless string of characters and stories that give us blog fodder every day of the week. Of E.B. White’s famous three New Yorks, ours is the last; your editors Chris and Jessica are transplants from away, and we love the city in the way only settlers can — in an eager, restless, and, let’s face it, mostly embarrassing fashion.

But why do you love New York? We want to know. For our fourth annual Reasons to Love New York issue, our editors are looking for your favorite things about the city. Tell us about your own treasured people and places, the culture you can’t live without, the food you have to eat, the politics you can’t stop arguing about, even the things you love to hate. Anything goes when it comes to explaining why this city is the city, and no idea is too specific or small. So contribute to the lovefest and send your reasons to; we can’t reply to all submissions, but see if your love for New York made the list when the issue hits newsstands in December.