The Kelly Ripa Guide to Happy-Marriage PR


Last week the National Enquirer came out with a seemingly untethered story about how Live! host Kelly Ripa and actor Mark Conseulos were splitting up. Like any couple in which both partners are relatively famous, this rumor comes up from time to time — which might be why Kelly is so adept at handling it. Before the story even hit (but presumably after reps had been contacted by the supermarket tabloid), the petite couple appeared at the Cadillac Records premiere holding hands and making a full tableau of togetherness. Then, when the tabloid printed their account, her publicist issued an obligatory statement denying a breakup.

Instead of discussing the issue on her show, she invited co-host Regis Philbin over to her house that night to help decorate their Christmas tree. She devoted a long portion of the next show to talking about what happened when Reeg arrived (he dropped something and chipped the hardwood floor and Mark went bananas; it was hilarious), and how it was all a great big family scene. And every single day since then, she’s managed to bring up her husband or kids (their last name is Consuelos, see). It’s not that unusual for her to do so, it’s just been very consistent — and yes, we watch every day. It’s so you don’t have to! And then a CityFile spy spotted them kissing in public (they’ve been married twelve years, come on) on Monday. Seriously, Madonna should have hired Kelly to do her PR this year. Things could have turned out a lot differently.

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