Unfortunately Timed Standard Hotel Opens Next Week


If, like us, you feel like you’re overdue for an extravagant staycation (it’s what the rich do when they’re suddenly less rich), the New York outpost of the Standard Hotel is opening for previews next week with select rooms for “friends and family.” While we’re excited to see a highly anticipated construction project come to fruition (as opposed to being left in some half-finished, glossy, postapocalyptic state for the duration of whatever it is we’re facing here), the timing can’t help but feel a little off to us, due in no small part to the constant stream of bad news including hearing that “things are going to get worse before they get worse.” The Standard has always felt like a West Coast monument to all things silicone and lucite (granted, we may feel this way because of an unfortunate incident involving an appletini, a hanging bubble chair, and a bitch). It’s just very early-aughts-MTV suddenly landing in the meatpacking district. Like Kelly Osbourne straddling our High Line and throwing dollar bills at us.

On the other hand, the preview rooms are only $195, which means guests like our parents will be able to stay there — and nothing’s decadent or chic when you’ve got mom jeans swanning around the lobby.

The Standard to Open December 10 With Rooms for $195 [NewYorkology]