Vito Fossella Gets Off Easy


Disgraced Staten Island U.S. Congressman Vito Fossella had his DUI trial yesterday. And the final bookend to the ordeal that began with his late-night arrest this May? He got sentenced to five days in jail. If his lawyers hadn’t appealed, the Republican rep would have begun serving on December 19 and been out just in time for Christmas. Not so bad, huh? Of course, Alexandria, Virginia, judge Becky Moore could have decided that the other results of his DUI bust — the revelation that he had been cheating on his wife of eighteen years and three children with a mistress and a 4-year-old love child in Virginia, which led to his political downfall and the eventual loss to a Democrat this January of the House seat he’s held for over a decade — were disastrous enough. But no, now it’s up to his future cell-mate Bruce, the embezzling auto mechanic with the “Nancy” tattoo, to decide when the pretty rep’s punishment ends.

Staten Island rep. Vito Fossella sentenced 5 days for drunken driving [NYDN]
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