We Get It, Obama: You’re the New Lincoln


In case it was unclear who Barack Obama will be emulating during his time as president, here’s a highly overt signal: Obama plans to be sworn in on Abraham Lincoln’s inaugural Bible from 1861. It hasn’t been uncommon for recent presidents to utilize historical Bibles in their inaugurations — Bush 41 and Jimmy Carter both used George Washington’s, and George W. intended to use it as well, until God made it rain. But while none of those men were drawing comparisons to Washington, Obama is laying the allusions to Lincoln on pretty thick. Beyond the biographical coincidences — the humble roots, the eight years in the Illinois legislature, the interest in law, the lankiness — there was the 2007 campaign kickoff at the Springfield statehouse, the unity-themed orations, the “Team of Rivals” cabinet, and now basically the entire inauguration. Look, President Obama, we’re going to offer you some advice that mothers the world over give their children: Just be yourself. Not only because you’re a likable guy with his own compelling personality, but mainly because we don’t want to fight the South.

Obama to be sworn in on Lincoln’s Bible [Hill]