We Want to See You Party


If you’ve not yet heard, our Reasons to Love issue is rapidly forthcoming — and we enjoy nothing more than asking our awesome readers to kind of write the magazine for us. Or in this case, at least point us in the right direction: Tonight we’re sending out a photographer to document various New York shindigs (one reason to love New York is, naturally, the parties). But we can’t be everywhere at once, and so we once again call upon you for help! If you’re going out tonight to any kind of party — birthday, engagement, baby shower, layoff wake — at a bar, apartment, sketchy street corner, wherever, we’d love for you to take pictures and send them to us for possible inclusion in the magazine. No event is too big or too small, so send your best New York party shots to reasons@nymag.com. Besides, isn’t being in New York Mag cooler than posting on Facebook? Yeah, that’s what we thought too.

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