Weekend at Bernie’s vs. Weekend at Bernie Madoff’s


What do Bernie Madoff and Bernie Lomax of the seminal 1989 movie Weekend at Bernie’s have in common? Some stuff. Our chart comparing them is after the jump.

Weekend At Bernie's

Weekend at Bernie Madoff's
Name Bernie Lomax Bernie Madoff
Former Occupation Insurance executive. Fund manager.
Status Dead. Alive, but heavily guarded.
Crime Fictional Insurance fraud. Engineered the largest investor fraud in history.
Plot Weekend at Bernie’s is a fun-packed getaway involving beaches, booze, and babes as Andrew McCarthy and Jonathan Silverman cart around a corpse from party to party. High jinks ensue. Netflixed episodes of The Girls Next Door, Little Kim Goes to the Big House interrupted by occasional pacing to and fro. Cigar smoking. Some weeping. Crouching to stay out of view of paparazzi and nosy neighbors. Absolutely no high jinks.
Memorable McCarthy and Silverman tow Bernie behind a boat, the corpse smashing into buoys. Hilarious! Along with banks and the Über-rich, several charities had their funds wiped out. Horrendously sad.
Running Time 97 minutes. 25 to life.