Which Face Will Hillary Clinton Wear During Today’s Press Conference?

The many masks of Hillary Clinton. Photo: Getty Images

In about an hour, Barack Obama will officially announce his national security team in a press conference. As expected, current Defense secretary Robert Gates will stay on, Eric Holder will be tapped as attorney general, and Arizona governor Janet Napolitano will be named director of Homeland Security. It’s also been reported that Susan Rice will serve as United Nations ambassador and Marine general Jim Jones will be Obama’s national security adviser. And, of course, Hillary Clinton will accept her secretary of State scepter. It’s been such a long time coming that it’s almost anticlimactic — yet we can’t help but wonder which of her famous trademarked faces she’ll be wearing during the conference. Will it be (clockwise from top):

(A) The rarely revealed “Natural Happiness” Face
(B) The “It’s Really Hard Not to Say I Told You So” Face
(C) The “Who Me?” Face
(D) The “Irrational Exuberance” Face
(E) The “Book Cover” Face


(F) The “YOU! I’ll Take a Question from YOU!” Face?

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