André Balazs: My Standard Guests Get a Great View of DVF (in the Bedroom)


André Balazs says that despite the American economic slowdown, things at his new Standard Hotel over the High Line are going “luckily, really well. We have really, really low prices and it’s full, even though all we have is the lobby and the little sitting room and the reception,” Balazs said at last night’s Prada-sponsored opening of “Mike Figgis: Soho Composition #2.” “So it’s good. Come by! Stay!” You’ll stop saying that when we put up our parents there because it’s so cheap, André. Meanwhile, we had to ask, was there any truth to the rumor that Diane Von Furstenberg was mad at Balazs for building his glass monster to shadow over her small, diamond-shaped glass bedroom on the Highline? “No no, quite no,” said Balazs. “I’m quite confident that she’s always been extremely supportive and likes the designs. She’s been great.” So the hotel isn’t blocking her view? “No, no not at all. They look down, share views of each other.” Can guests see into her glass bedroom, though? Balazs laughed. “She can see our guests.” Ooh la la! We hope Balazs installed extra curtains on the windows directly across from DVF’s room. “Oh, I don’t know how many of our guests would want to pull the curtain anyway,” he said. “I think everyone’s going to get a show — the city and the guests.”