Andrew Cuomo Could Literally Give a Hoot About Daily Intel


As you may know, Daily Intel has something of a little obsession with Andrew Cuomo’s use of the word “literally.” So when one of our party reporters ran into him at a party for his girlfriend’s new magazine, Sandra Lee Semi-Homemade, at the Empire Hotel Rooftop, she literally walked right up to him and asked him about it. Sadly, unlike Anderson Cooper and Ruben Diaz Sr., it turns out Andrew Cuomo is not a secret DI reader. But happily, we learned that he has a sense of humor! Even in the face of an aggressive New York reporter:

New York: Some of our editors have a thing with the way you say “literally.” What do you think “literally” means?
Cuomo: I literally have never read it.
New York: They were debating whether you used the word “literally” properly. You used it properly there.
Cuomo: I literally haven’t seen what you’re talking about.

Wow! Is it possible? We’ve developed a little soft spot for Andrew Cuomo! Figuratively.

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