Andrew Ross Sorkin to Hit the Airwaves


If you didn’t know it yet, we are gay for Andrew Ross Sorkin. We know that sounds complicated considering the fact that he’s straight and married, Intel editor Chris is already gay, and Intel editor Jessica is a girl, but it’s just the best way to say it. In fact, if you google “Andrew Ross Sorkin Gay,” Daily Intel provides the fifth and sixth results. (Here’s hoping that, after this post, we’ll be number one.) Anyway, we were delighted to learn that our favorite Times business columnist and DealBook blogger will be getting his own TV mini-series! You’re going to see him in living, moving, giggling color. The Adorkable Sorkin will host a new seven-part series on Channel Thirteen and WLIW21 starting on Thursday. It’ll be called It’s the Economy, NY! (we don’t really get it, either) and the first episode will feature interviews with Dick Parsons and Steve Forbes. It’ll be like Charlie Rose, but with the economy and the sexy, and without all that smug eyebrow action.

It’s the Economy, NY! What’s Happening and What It Means to You [MarketWatch]