Hathaway and Hudson at the Bride Wars Premiere


Anne Hathaway, whose character in the upcoming buddy comedy Bride Wars endures a terrible “blood orange” spray tan, is notoriously fair-skinned, so it came as a surprise to find that she tested out the procedure in real life. “I had a spray tan done once,” she told us at last night’s premiere of the movie. “I wound up looking like a zebra. An orange zebra. And then when it came off, I started, you know, because I’m so pale underneath, I looked like a giraffe with leprosy. And I smelled like nachos and maple syrup the whole time, so it really wasn’t a good idea.”

So what made her do it? “I was trying out a different look for a role. It’s weird, though, because I couldn’t get it off in time for the start of filming, and I didn’t want to keep it up, so I’m half-orange for 10 percent of the film.” [Ed: Our reporter couldn’t get out of her which movie had her semi-ochre, but our guess is Ella Enchanted, duh.]