Ashley Dupré Continues to Be a Valuable Commodity


Ashley Dupré was seen leaving the offices of HarperCollins, where she’s shopping her memoir, with a copy of the book, The Secret Currency of Love: The Unabashed Truth About Women, Money and Relationships. We sincerely hope the writer asked her to blurb it. The Forbes family, humbled by the bad economy, have not only put on the market their Fifth Avenue headquarters, helicopter, a collection of Fabergé eggs, a Colorado ranch, and a Tangier palace, they’ve had to let go of their yacht’s full-time crew. They’re ready to pose for a Walker Evans photo like the Joads! Jeremy Piven is feeling better after the brush with death that stole him from Broadway. Speaking of Broadway, James Gandolfini will star in the new Yasmina Reza play, God of Carnage, opening March 22.

Lauryn Hill — yes, that’s right, the Musical Prodigy of 1998 who has since all but disappeared from the scene and now has five children — took a riding lesson in New Jersey right out of the blue! Alec Baldwin will be the new host for the New York Philharmonic’s national radio broadcasts; yay, we love that madman! Cin says that Beyoncé is growing tired of channeling her sassy-mama alter ego, Sasha Fierce. Plus, Cin goes off on one-shouldered gowns at the Globes, says that Sacha Baron Cohen’s jokes there bombed, and predicts that not having the Giants or other big-market teams in the Super Bowl will be bad for business. Cin, you’re bringing your editorial A-game today with that, and with the heartwarming Yorkie vignette you wrap up with today. Meanwhile, Liz devotes a whole column to pointing out that ace political reporter Julia Reed has all but left embattled Anna Wintour’s Vogue without so much as a peep from anyone.

King of Queens guy Kevin James has named his new daughter Shea, after the stadium, because “CitiField” just didn’t have that little-girl ring. Lady Gaga had to perform barefoot on Leno because somebody stole her Louboutin shoes. Howie Mandel was hospitalized for an irregular heartbeat. Give that man a lifeline! At the Golden Globes, paparazzi shouted for Marc Anthony to get out of shots with his possibly-soon-to-be-ex wife, J.Lo. Ouch! Here’s more news about Hugh Hefner’s reality-TV she-bots, but we promise that if you click through to read it, you will turn into an unfeeling silicone breast. And self-styled GOP strategist and opposition-research “hit man” Roger Stone has appointed himself the new Mr. Blackwell, putting out a co-ed Worst-Dressed List including Justin Timberlake (“slobbish”), Johnny Knoxville (“a true fashion jackass”), Pink ("an atrocious stew”), Sam Ronson, and Christiane Amanpour. God, Republicans will do anything to work these days.