Bernie Madoff Pissed Off the Wrong Trust-Funders


Not long ago we stressed how it would be completely not okay to try to kill Bernie Madoff. If, however, his Florida mansion were to be subjected to hilarious pranks until the end of time, like the briefly missing statue or the toilet-papering it got yesterday, that would probably be fine. A few heroic teens called in to the Palm Beach Post to take credit for this latest act of defiance, calling it retaliation for the loss of their trust funds. Best part is, the anonymous teens claim their vigilantism was sanctioned by their parents — obviously the “cool” type of parents who let their kids get drunk in the basement in seventh grade and book strippers for their birthday parties. Anyway, while it’s gratifying to see Madoff get his comeuppance, it’s also a little deflating that these teens doled out the same punishment to the man who ruined their lives — whose grifting will force them to work for their money — that they would usually reserve for random, blameless houses on Halloween.

Trust fund teens take credit for decorating Madoff mansion, in toilet paper [Palm Beach Post]