Blogger Who Posted Tila Tequila Picture Gets Cease-and-Desist Letter


Nerve blogger Emily Farris used a picture of Tila Tequila, semi-clad and clawing at the floor, to illustrate a small post about Tila Tequila and what did she get in return? A letter from Tila's people: "It has come to our client's attention that you are using our client's name and image without permission," it read.

Neither our client or any of her employees, agents or representatives have granted you the right to exploit either her professional name or image.

Weird. We don't really know much about the legality of these types of situations or about Tila Tequila herself, but isn't the whole point of Tila Tequila that people post semi-nude pictures of her on the internet that are then circulated virally blah blah? Like that is how she came to be? Now she's this big star and painting it like Nerve is, like, a disheveled man in a trench coat banging at the window while the rain pours down and soaks him to his undergarments. What? Anyway, it seems not right. Don't forget the pervs who made you, Tila!

I Guess We'll Never Write About Her Again [Scanner/Nerve]