Bloomberg Takes Cover Under Hamas Rocket Fire


Remember when Hillary Clinton made up a story about traveling under sniper fire in Bosnia? Well, something akin to that situation actually did happen to Mayor Bloomberg over the weekend. He was traveling between towns in southern Israel when his cavalcade heard missile sirens and an explosion. When he reached his destination, another rocket detonated and he was rushed to a bomb shelter. (Israel has since intensified its invasion of Gaza.) “I think, as a New Yorker, we’ve been attacked twice by al Qaeda itself,” Bloomberg told reporters, explaining why he “fully understood” Israel’s drastic actions against Hamas. “We’ve seen enormous devastation and courage, and after that you sort of feel you have a bond, if you will, for those who live in a dangerous world and subject to someone trying to kill them.” But was Hizzoner scared for his life? Heck naw! He’s a New Yorker! “I’ve always felt safe on the streets of New York, and I feel safe here,” he said. “If you have a government that prepares and is willing to make the investment in people and equipment and training, you should go about your business.”