Caroline’s Reason: Don’t Believe Paterson’s People


Frederic U. Dicker, the Post writer who has a direct line to Paterson and has been reporting some of the worst mudslinging from his camp regarding Caroline Kennedy's withdrawal from the Senate competition last week, says he knows the real reason she stepped down. Almost. According to sources near Kennedy, the "personal family issue" she cited in a public statement was none of the things suggested by Paterson's people.

Kennedy, who had been touted as the leading candidate to succeed Hillary Rodham Clinton for some two months, would have taken the job if Paterson had moved more swiftly to make a decision, and would have said yes even as late as Monday or late Tuesday - because the family problem had not yet arisen. A second source [said], "Caroline learned on Wednesday that there was a specific and serious concern involving someone in her family, and it had nothing to do with taxes, nannies or her marriage."

As we've mentioned before, this reason is bound to come to light. But now it's beginning to sound like, when it does, it won't be titillating in the way the tabs probably hope.

Meanwhile, we now have a new favorite media trend! Comparing Governor Paterson to Governor Rod "Bonkers" Blagojevich of Illinois — and saying Blago is the one who's coming off better.

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