Chace Crawford’s Adorable Memory Problems


You know how you always suspect that actors on television shows, particularly teen television shows, are just like the characters they portray? With Gossip Girl that’s certainly the case — Ed Westwick has begun adopting Chuck Bass’s sexy-surly onscreen attitude, and Kelly Rutherford’s marital woes rival Lily’s any day. And that feeling won’t be diminished by this adorable video of Chace Crawford filming a PSA for and Aeropostale’s “Teens for Jeans” campaign. First you’ll watch the PSA itself (approximately 40 seconds), and then you’ll watch Crawford’s many goofy flubs and outtakes (approximately 2 minutes).

Granted, it’s not Chace’s fault that they didn’t provide him a cue card, and he probably had about ten minutes to memorize the script — and he was probably doing it for free. But it’s nice to be able to continue in the belief that the real-life Chace is just as sweet and flaky as Nate Archibald. Or a toaster strudel, for that matter.