Chris Matthews Watches Chuck Todd Lose His Virginity


When Chuck Todd was named NBC’s chief White House correspondent a few weeks ago, we lamented that he wouldn’t be helming Meet the Press, but predicted that he’d quickly confound and rattle President Obama with his brilliant, challenging questions. And today, when Todd was called upon for the first time by Obama, we were proven utterly correct, as Obama was instantly reduced to the stature of a feeble-minded child. But we weren’t the only ones awestruck by his performance. Chris Matthews sounded like a proud father as he praised Todd on the air. “I was very impressed, Chuck,” Matthews said. “His use of your name and his familiarity with you as a person was very strong there.” And a couple of minutes later, also like a father, Matthews embarrassed Todd in front of all his friends. “Okay, chief White House correspondent for NBC News, Chuck Todd, who just lost his virginity, I think it’s fair to say.” Chuck, sport that he is, laughed it all off … for now.

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