Chuck Todd’s French Horn Quietly Awaits Its Glorious Rebirth


Somehow, with all the inauguration distractions going on, we missed this equally significant Time interview with the world’s most gifted political analyst, Chuck Todd. After some talk of election coverage, the presidential campaign, and Barack Obama, blah blah blah, they get to the important stuff — Todd himself. Though he acknowledges his cultishly devoted internet fan base, Chuck is, of course, ready for any adversary dumb enough to oppose him. “I’m just glad there are no enemy sites yet,” he said. “There are counterparts of mine in this business that have hate sites. I know that what goes up must come down, so I’m preparing myself.” But the most interesting thing we learned is that Chuck went to college on a French-horn scholarship, which probably don’t even exist unless you’re as good at the French horn as Chuck Todd is. Oddly, this is exactly the instrument we would expect Chuck to play, if we were forced to guess, or if we were drawing fan art, which we have done. Unfortunately, because he’s currently busy excelling at his real job, Chuck doesn’t have time to play — a tragedy for the world but a blessing to all other French hornists, who would otherwise be hopelessly overshadowed by his virtuosity.

Chuck Todd: The Goateed Guru of Politics [Time]