Con Ed Guy Used Effin’ Shakedown Money to Pay Effin’ Daughters’ Effin’ Tuition


Rocco Fassacesia, one of several Con Ed workers accused of shaking down contractors for more than a million dollars in kickbacks, spent his ill-gotten gains on a good cause: paying his daughters’ tuition at SUNY Oneonta and the University of Rhode Island. “I used to go up to the bursar’s office at, at the campus and come out with their f - - -ing tuition for the semester in f - - -ing 100s,” he said in a conversation that, it turns out, was wiretapped. “The whole f - - -ing place was looking at me. Everyone else is writing a check and here’s this f - - - ing douchebag.” Oy. And to think, the girls were probably embarrassed that their dad was paying cash.