Congressman Wants to Delay Electoral College Certification to Watch Football


The results of the Electoral College — which aren’t really all that important, other than in determining the next leader of the Free World — are scheduled to be certified by Congress on Thursday. But Representative Cliff Stearns has better things to do — namely, watch football. See, the BCS title game between Florida and Oklahoma is Thursday night, so Stearns, a Florida Republican, sent a letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi asking to delay the vote “to allow Members to attend this historic game.” (Barack Obama’s election isn’t historic enough for him, we guess.) Stearns is the only one to sign the letter, and Pelosi’s office said she won’t agree to the request. But Obama’s such a sports fan that we’d imagine he’d be less upset by the delay than by the fact that it’s for the very game he despises so much. [AP via Sporting Blog]