Cuomo Qualified for Senate Seat by Background in Erector Sets, Says Pa


Attorney General Andrew Cuomo refused to share his thoughts about being passed over for Hillary Clinton’s Senate seat while attending a launch party for girlfriend Sandra Lee’s Semi-Homemade magazine earlier this week, but his father, Mario, was more forthcoming. “I think Andrew specifically has been good at everything he’s put his hand to,” he told us. “Now, I’m his father and you can discount my opinion, but I think I’m being objective. And his mother will tell you the same thing. From the time he was very small, he had leadership in a family of five children. He was a wizard at Erector Sets and putting together a V-8 engine.” Plus there are all of his civic accomplishments, which, along with the whole Lincoln Log thing, would have prepped him to be a great senator. “I think the job of senator would have been a lot easier,” Cuomo explained. “But I’m not sure if he would have liked it.”