Finally, Preppy White Dudes Rapping About Gossip Girl


Remember the guys who made the exceedingly necessary Olafur Eliasson rap? Well, they've outdone themselves (really, it's quite long) this time with a rap titled "Dear Gossip Girl." It's essentially an R&B song, with occasional rapping, about the delights of the anonymous girl who writes the blog on the Greatest Show of Our Time. Key lines include:

Nate Archibald's a gigolo for Catherine the Lady

She's got more libido than Agnes's got crazy.

"What a yummy cappuccino!" "Ooh, thanks Vanessa!"

"Hope your dirty Brooklyn hands don't much up my French press-a."

The dudes even film themselves singing at key locations from the show, which might have proven once and for all that even straight guys like Gossip Girl, except there are far too many cravats in the video for this evidence to be conclusive.

Dear Gossip Girl - Southern Mothers ft. Matt Pearson [YouTube]
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