FIT Giggly Coke Girls Achieve the Impossible


Our favorite hilarious FIT coke dealers are back! Christine Scafa and Mickenzie Dippenworth, the young ladies who were yanked from their dorm rooms by police in December (and famously cracked, “We’re not Plaxico Burress!”), appeared in court today and claimed that, in fact, they were not purveyors of cocaine. They only sold the drug a few times! And it was just to “hook up” their friends! They didn’t even make any money (on purpose, at least). So they shouldn’t have to go to jail for 4 to 25 years, their lawyers argue.

Wait, wait. They were the only drug hook-up in a college dorm full of drunk, impressionable 20-year-olds and they weren’t able to make any money off of it? We thought FIT was a school for smart kids!

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