Gay Bishop to Kick Off Obama’s Inaugural Festivities


Reverend Gene Robinson, sometimes called the “most controversial Christian in the world,” will deliver an invocation on Sunday at President-elect Obama’s first inaugural event. The appearance will take place on the steps of the Lincoln Memorial, reports Politico, and will be free and open to the public. Robinson has been the center of Anglican controversy ever since he was appointed Episcopal Bishop of New Hampshire. Openly gay and living with a partner, his role in the Church has caused an international rift in the Anglican hierarchy.

An Obama source tells Politico that “Robinson was in the plans before the complaints about Rick Warren. Many skeptics will read this as a direct reaction to the Warren criticism — but it’s just not so.” See, Obama was always planning on having the gay dude get the party started, and then letting in the loudmouth straight dude just when everybody was starting to have a good time. Typical.

Gay bishop to pray at inauguration-week kickoff [Politico]