Glory Be! Patrick McMullan Redesigned His Website!


We’ve spent the last four years of our lives cursing the Patrick McMullan Company Website. We love Patrick and the boys dearly, but entire mountain ranges could have formed in the time it took that motherchucker to load. Imagine, then, our elation when we came back from the holidays to discover that the famed nightlife photog has completely revamped his Website, making it faster and shockingly more efficient. (Kristian Laliberte, Devorah Rose, and Olivia Palermo must be thrilled!) But for the nostalgic among you, fear not: The site’s long-standing reputation for misspelling names and misidentifying famous people remains intact. In the set of photos for Monday’s Bride Wars premiere, Brian Greenberg is listed as “Brian Green,” Tovah Feldshuh as “Tova,” and SNL’s Casey Wilson as “Who Am I?” Aw. We love you guys.

Patrick McMullan, New and Improved! [Official site]