Governor Paterson Knows Who He’s Picking, But He’s Not Telling


Cheery and playful in the wake of yesterday’s uplifting plane crash, Governor Paterson joined “Boomer & Carton” on WFAN this morning to talk Good Samaritans, Yankee Stadium, and, most importantly, Senate appointments. Turns out he’s pretty much made up his mind, but he’s decided to keep the suspense going a bit longer anyway. “I would probably have done it this weekend, but I just kind of decided I didn’t want to trample on Senator Clinton’s ability to come back and say farewell to her constituents nor [on] the inauguration,” he said. But, he continued, he’ll make his decision “right after the inauguration.” As for who he’ll pick, Paterson implied he could go with someone who’s not part of a dynastic political family. “I gotta tell you, there are some great candidates who have distinguished themselves, but they’re not that well known. And my job is not to pick the person who is popular today. It’s the person who is going to be popular in 2010, when they run for reelection,” he said, quickly changing the subject by offering up a Senate-appointment trivia question to the show’s hosts. Sly move, Cuddle Guv, but your day of reckoning is fast approaching.

Paterson will choose ‘right after inauguration’ [Politico]