NYC Grandmas Are Tough on Crime


Crime may have gone down in New York City in the past decade, but crime against old ladies seems to be one thing that doesn’t let up. “You see an old lady go into a dark house [and] if that’s the kind of person you are, you see that as a meal ticket,” said Kevin Beckles, 33, the grandson of Vivian Squires, who was robbed and slashed in her Queens home the other night. Maybe it’s because our criminals have gotten wimpier. And also dumber. Because the one thing criminals don’t seem to have learned is that New York grandmas are made of steel. And we don’t just mean the bolts in their hip replacements. Squires beat off her attacker when he tried to smother her: He only got a few slashes in before taking off with her purse and, according to the Daily News, “driving off in her gold 2004 Chrysler Sebring sedan.” Yeah. Nice score, tough guy. The ladies are going to be real impressed with that ride.

Gritty granny, 86, fights off prowler [NYDN]