Hudson Square Is Rocking On


One of the only neighborhoods where residential and hotel development is moving full steam ahead is the little area west of Soho and north of Tribeca, according to the Post today. Luxury buildings like the Trump Soho, the Renwick, and No. 22 Renwick Street are still selling off their square footage, and hotels like the Four Points and Viceroy are steadily climbing. Which is wonderful news because, hey! That’s where our office is. And we need a grocery store.

But something about the Post story gives us pause. They’re going with the generally approved nickname for the neighborhood: “Hudson Square.” There is a little open space with that name down here, but it’s pretty unremarkable. We’d been trying to make another nickname happen, one coined by writer Mike Albo: South of Houston, North of Tribeca, a.k.a. “SHNOT.” It just seems so much more fitting for a neighborhood whose primary features are the muddy twin orifices of the Holland Tunnel.

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