It’s Always the Quiet Ones


Seventy-five-year-old hedge-fund manager Arthur Nadel has been missing for seven days, and so is the $350 million he supposedly managed. No one saw it coming, because, they said, Nadel was so normal.

He was known around Sarasota as a trusted philanthropist who lived a low-key life. He didn't drive fancy cars, lived in a middle-class, white, ranch-style home, and gave generously to Habitat for Humanity and the Jazz Club of Sarasota, among other causes. Though he went to black-tie events, he preferred a sports jacket and shirt over a tuxedo or a tie.

Related, from the Styles section this weekend:

“There isn’t much about Bernie that stands out in my mind. He was a low-key sort of guy who stayed out of trouble but also lacked any outstanding personality trait.”

It's official: Uassuming old people can no longer be trusted. If you see one, tackle them.

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