Jill Biden Is Gaffe-Prone, Too!


The Bidens made a surprise appearance on Oprah today, and you could tell Jill was thrilled. Her eyes were as round as saucers, like she was wondering if any minute Oprah was going to pull out the keys to a BRAND-NEW MIATA! or something. Which is maybe why she slipped and said that Joe actually had his choice of two positions in the Obama administration — Obama had asked if he’d rather be vice-president or secretary of State, but he had decided to not take the latter. “Sssh!” Biden said, causing the audience to laugh. She went on to explain that she’d had reservations because she worried about the effect that job would have on their family. “If you’re secretary of State, you’ll be away, we’ll never see you, you know,” she said. Luckily, Biden stepped in before she could add, “Because, you know, that position would be better suited to someone who, say, never wants to see their husband.” [NYT]