Brolin and Penélope at the NY Film Critics Awards


Page Six” today tells us about Josh Brolin’s vulgar tirade against New York Times theater critic Ben Brantley from the New York Critics Circle Dinner Monday night. Brolin called Brantley, who gave him a poor review in Broadway’s True West, a “motherfucker.” “Page Six” talked to Brantley, who drolly replied that Brolin “sure knows how to tap into angry characters.” But neither the actor nor the critic shared the best part of the story, which is that Brolin took his hatred to an awesome, juvenile level. “I was onstage,” he told us alone at the party, “and I had somebody take a picture of me with my pants down and my ass out for Ben Brantley.” (He also told us that Sean Penn “just makes [him] want to be gay.”)

We have two thoughts about this. One, Josh Brolin is just as awesome as we want him to be. Two, if we got a picture of his bubble butt sent to us from him personally, we would take it as a huge compliment.