Kelly Rutherford’s Divorce Threatens to Cause Collateral Damage


We’ve been trying to ignore Gossip Girl’s Kelly Rutherford’s divorce proceedings from businessman Daniel Giersch, partly because it’s uglier than Aaron Rose in a lame American Apparel suspender swimsuit, but mostly because it is messing with us by breaking the fourth wall: Lily is recently widowed and reigniting her romance with Rufus — she can’t also be in the midst of a custody battle with a baby-faced German financier. It’s too much, even for Gossip Girl. But today we had to stop and pay attention, because Us Weekly reported the couple is scheduled to testify in court tomorrow, where they will debate an issue of great importance.

A judge will then decide whether Rutherford, 40, can take their son Hermes, 2, to NYC this weekend while she shoots Gossip Girl.

We hope Kelly and Dan realize the seriousness of this situation. That this is not just about them being pissed off at one another, and who did what or said what, but about a person, a living human being whose future and entire psychological outlook they bear responsibility for, a person who doesn’t even know where their face is without Kelly’s help. That’s right: It’s about us, and if they don’t work things out so that Kelly can bring the damn kid to New York and film the next episode of Gossip Girl, we may be in therapy forever.